Janus is portrayed as having two faces, one looking towards the past and one looking to the future, which made him a fitting representation of transitions and passing from one chapter to the next. The Sancopha symbol in the middle represents not only rich African culture and diaspora but also as a constant reminder of how vital the past is to our present and future. As fashion is constantly in a state of transition and change ,while still paying homage to its past,  it seemed that Janus was a fitting name for a brand that combines both old and new into fresh, classic pieces. Janus Clothiers was founded In July of 2015 by Adrian Arnett-Smith. His vision for the brand was simple yet needed. Offer fly yet timeless clothing for the conscious, urban professional that is proud of their culture and heritage. The motto that truly embodies the brand is "EMBRACE, BUILD, UPLIFT". EMBRACE your past, your good, your bad, and everything that makes you who you are. BUILD your empire with an undefeated mentality and never stop until all of your dreams are fulfilled. UPLIFT your community and those around you spreading nothing but love and positive vibes. With this ideology in mind Janus Clothiers not only aims to change the perception of urban fashion but also how we interact as communities and individuals.